Monday, April 16, 2012

Loots and my room

So...... I was in China for a while for attachment, shall write more about that later. Here last month's loots :)

Found a small but great CD stall(push cart kind) selling all manner of anime cds. Managed to get, which shocked me, what seems to be a first print edition of lovelive's first single! Eli Ayase card score! Also bought off Museum 2 blu ray edition, a album which I wanted for a really long time but have been held off due to other singles getting greater priority. 

Also managed to get a pair of SRH840s for real cheap(1300 rmb) over there. It seems that the chinese really love AKGs and Shures over there. German brand Sennheiser is popular but much more expensive than Singapore while Beyers are not getting much love there save for clones from chinese audio brands iSK and Takstar.

Talking about the 840's, these would pretty much be my "checking phones" and somewhat a neutral reference when paired with my O2 amp. 

Spent my sunday setting up this fine NAD system in my bedroom so as not to bother my brother's. I can't let the speakers breath but they shine with some EQ and what nots. Thick bass and mids with rolled off treble are the perfect description for this system. Sounds great with my shure 840's too. I need a EQ board for it...

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