Friday, March 2, 2012

Stuffs I have been doing lately

So got my lovelive goods of the late, I sent my disc for the lovelive! memorial box to a friend of mine since i would not be able to receive mine anytime soon. 
This was meant to me my valentine, oh HNNNNNNG

Got some Niconiconi, I would have preferred one of the other girls like Eri but she is fine too.

On other news I have been playing Monster Girl Quest lately, which I started the day before my exams started, not a very good move but a very fine one. The game was very fun to play and is pretty much my first time playing a visual novel dungeon quest type. I was introduced when some ronery guys like myself were playing vanilla game Hatsuyuki till a guy posted screenshots of MGQ 2 which lead me to play. 

Also for the last week I have been watching +Tic Nee-San which is very very fun to watch. 

The episodes themselves can be found on lantis's channel. Also I have been looking forward to this particular character song from Kyoukaisen-jou no Horizon, might be getting it from a friend or *cough*dl*cough since its only available in blu-ray.

Lastly objective Electrical engineer Nwavguy has recently updated his blog about the ODAC. For you guys out there wanting to buy a soundcard, you should wait for it. When it comes out, the design would no doubt be something like the Centrance DACport LX or HRT MusicStreamer series, both designs being exclusively USB bus powered and emphasising power filtering and DAC implementation more than anything else. Price for the board itselt should be roughly 100 USD and is the size of 2 9V batteries.

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