Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Anime 2012

Here in this spring, I felt that there was a couple of older manga was adapter which was reasonably refreshing as manga adaptations these days are getting lesser and lesser. Sankarea, Medaka Box and Mysterious Girlfriend X were some of my favourite reads a few years back when I was really into reading ecchi(oh the hormones). It was nice to relive those memories again a few years later in this season.

Among the 3, Sankarea really gets my recommendation for both reading and watching. The manga really was one of the most engaging back then and still is a good read. How will Rea battle the evils of decay and rigor mortis? Watch/Read to find out :)

Mysterious Girlfriend X is another very nice manga, I found it strangely addictive to say the least when I first started reading it. Urabe is just so entertaining, in various ways....

Last on the read list of course, is Medaka Box, I have been reading it since it was serialise but I can't really recommend reading it because I felt it was really your typical shounen battle manga unless you are into Medaka or the whole "mutant/abnormal/plus/minus/not equal" ability thing. The starting feels mixed up as you get many genres going together at once, not in a good way of course.

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