Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Schiit Wyrd, does it work?

This is meant to complement the Wyrd thread on Changstar.,1652.0.html. In my test with the Objective DAC and a few Tenor 7022 usb chip based DACs, I can acertain with measurements and subjective hearing that the Wyrd does work.

With the ODAC on a good day(there are bad days with the ODAC) the Wyrd brings to the table a better sense of speed and delineated transients meaning that a note's decay is shorter and the attack comes in quicker subjectively. 

In measurements, the biggest differences can be seen in jitter test. With an Audio GD with a Tenor 7022 isochronous Adaptive interface, the harmonics of the signal changes a lot with the Wyrd in the chain. I credit this mostly due to the change in jitter performance by adding the Wyrd into the test chain. Some sidebands disappear however there are some new spuraia, but overall the change is positive.

Somebody has asked me whether the Wyrd would work with Asychronous devices, the answer is a firm yes. Reduction in spurious artifacts.

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