Thursday, February 23, 2012


As in my profile, I'm pretty big on audio and now, I'm trying to get some pro-level gear and hopefully some knowledge on room acoustics to get more out of my listening experience. For my room, I use the pretty venerable Edifier R2000t. Edifier is a consumer audio brand, which last year caused a uproar last year after its acquisition of popular high end audio.manufacturer Stax(fancy a 5000usd headphone?).

Despite being a consumer brand, I felt its studio line is one of the best in the sub $200 category competing with manufacturers like M-audio and Audioengine. I had good imaging in my hotel room given the space but not as good in my own room due to my printer squeezing the desk. I badly need a rack. The bass goes down to 50hz before rolling of and and the tweeters go up to 20khz. Its a wonderful piece of work with the wood finishing which mind you, is the exact same wood finish as my old vintage NAD 801 and 808CC speakers. Its overall pretty neutral and somewhat revealing with its good resolution.

The soundcard I'm using is the good old Soundblaster USB Premium, which despite is modest price tag, has beaten the heck out of newer dacs from the Fiio range, at least the E10 and E7, only the big brother E17 finally manages to outclass it which is to be expected with its 180sgd price tag. It retailed for $120 when I got it direct from Creative store.

Now to continue,

My disc area, as you can see its pretty small now since I have only started collecting recently. I listen to Suara a lot these days on SACD. The BDP-S380 is a fantastic piece of work, gonna get one for the living room too one of these days.

My "portable" rig that I have been bringing around with me lately. I don't think transportable audio gets much better than this, seeing how the Hifiman HM801 performs worse than the 3g. I do wish I have a Ipod touch or Sansa Zip/Clip+ for more memory though. I have nicely filled up the 16gb inside.

Just curious to ask(if there are any of you) if you were/are a student, what was/is your student-fi rig?

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